At Home with Monsters

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Aren’t Monday holidays just the absolute best?


Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to view Guillermo Del Toro’s exhibition, At Home With Monsters at LACMA. The exhibition runs through November 27, so I’d recommend viewing the exhibit before it’s too late. Tickets sell out quickly, so we reserved a time slot online in order to ensure that we’ll get in. LACMA members get in for free, but those who aren’t members must pay $25 for the special exhibition, which also includes general admission.



The exhibition was held in the Art of Americas building, which is one one of my favorite spaces in LACMA. Previously, Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s was also exhibited in the space, so I loved seeing the varying ways that LACMA utilizes that space. At Home with Monsters was organized in winding pathways and smaller sectioned off rooms, almost as if you are walking through a maze-like home. If you looked through certain openings in the walls, you’d be able to see sculptures glancing back at you.


The exhibition featured pieces from Guillermo Del Toro’s personal collection, sketches, costumes, and clips from his films, as well as pieces from LACMA’s collection. The artworks on view were all great; I really appreciated that many etchings from LACMA’s collection were put on display right alongside del Toro’s collection, such as Disney concept art, life sized figures of writers and horror characters, and other items. Displaying older etchings next to contemporary works allows audiences to view them in a completely new, and rather untraditional context. Some of the items that were brought over from del Toro’s Bleak House included a life-sized statue of Edgar Allan Poe reading.a gothic inspired chair, and life sized sculptures of Frankenstein and his Bride.


While I enjoyed the exhibition – as much as I was able to see from it – I do believe that there were too many pieces to completely appreciate the exhibition from one visit. When viewing any museum or exhibition, one shouldn’t try to see everything the museum has to offer. Often times, people can get overwhelmed and quickly forget most of the things they saw. Instead, if guests pay attention to a few key pieces, the experience would seem more fulfilling.


At Home With Monsters looked aesthetically pleasing, almost like trying to recreate a wunderkammer, Cabinet of Curiositywhich I genuinely appreciated. However, there was an overwhelming amount of artworks, comics, sculptures, costumes, and film clips,  most of which I felt like I missed out on. Not only was there an overabundance of pieces in the show, but the exhibit was overcrowded. While LACMA’s efforts at crowd control are undeniable, it was impossible to get to see certain pieces that I really wanted to.


Lately, I feel as if LACMA  has become the Disneyland of museums. Featuring blockbuster exhibitions such as this are great ways of bringing in new audiences to see museums, but the overwhelming amount of pieces, combined with the number of people there to view the exhibit means that exhibitions are no longer for single day visits. Guests must now visit the exhibition more than once to firstly see the whole exhibit, let alone understand anything from it.


I know I’ll definitely have to visit the exhibition again, but luckily I get to see it for free, because I can’t imagine having to pay $25 admission plus $12 parking every time I want to see an exhibition. Paying for museum admission is a bit strange to me, as I firmly believe that museums should be free and always open to the public for entertainment and education, but charging $25 is absolutely preposterous! But alas, what can we do! LACMA knows how to cash in on things that people want to see, and they’re really good at it.


For this museum trip, I wore my Glamour Ghoul dress in black and white stripes, minus the peplum. Since I got the dress from the yardsale, it didn’t come with the detachable peplum. However, since I’m a fan of wiggle dresses, I have no problem wearing it as is without the peplum! I paired it with my burgundy coffin purse from Tatyana boutique and simple black heels.


Outfit Details:
Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Purse: Tatyana
Shoes: Sidecca


2 thoughts on “At Home with Monsters

  1. Shannon says:

    Just wanted to say that the glamour ghoul dress looks amazing on you! What size did you get and is there stretch? My waist is 28 and 36 hips so wondering what size to order. 😊Thanks


    • missaniholly says:

      Hi Shannon! I’m 36-26/27-39 and even though mine is a YS item, I did get my usual small and it fit me TTS. I think with your waist id probably say a medium would work. Also, I did just check the size chart on the site, and they recommend to size up if you are in between sizes, as he waist is fitted!


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