I’m a drawing now!

I have a bucket list. One of the things on my bucket list is to become a cartoon/illustration/painting. This is the true story of how I finally crossed that off my bucket list with the help of an amazingly talented friend.

I follow a bunch of talented individuals on Instagram because I love to stay updated with all the new work that they’re doing. Seeing creative people produce beautiful work always encourages me to try harder in my own creative ventures. As much as people like to view technology through a dystopian lens, it’s through the use of social media and technology that individuals from diverse geographic locations are able to connect and establish relationships.

Through the online pinup community, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Miss Christine, who happens to be a talented illustrator as well. Her overall style and aura is simply amazing. She has one of my favorite vintage styles, a very kind heart, and some serious talent.

I’ve seen many of her works before and her illustrations of pinup girls are one of my personal favorites.  The girls she draws are delicate, sultry, curvy, and just plain perfect. She first posted that she’s accepting ideas and commissions and I thought I should just take a chance and ask her to do an illustration of me.

IMG_8765.JPGI wanted something that will reflect my personality. I love dressing pinup and being all cute and showing off curves, but I do also have a dark side. Immediately, I thought I drew inspiration from my first photoshoot with Keith at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery. When I brought this up to Christine, she also loved the idea of a spooky pinup illustration! Settling on the idea and theme was pretty easy because we immediately understood one another. I was so confident in this project! I really appreciated that she also shared with me each step of creative process, up to the final result. At each step, I thought, “okay, it can’t get any better than this.” But it did!

She also gave me the option of choosing what color background I’d like and if I’d like to add some glitter for just a touch of sparkle. I really liked the idea of doing a darker shade of red for the background, which worked really well with the overall spookiness of the drawing. The touch of glitter gave the drawing some more dimension and worked perfectly with the overall look.

Out of excitement, I already shared the illustration on Instagram, so you may or may not have seen it. However, every amazing artwork deserves an amazing frame. And now that I’ve found one, I’m so happy to share with you the final artwork on display in my room!

FullSizeRender (5)

I just love how she captured exactly what I wanted and who I was in a single portrait. Many can be great painters, but not all can be great artists who can capture exactly what their client wants. Christine is most definitely the latter!

Check out the piece it was inspired by, taken by the amazingly talented photographer, Keith:


The dress and the shoes in the photo that inspired the portrait are from Pinup Girl Clothing, and my hair was done by Missy Firestone and makeup by Erika Reno.


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