Museum Mondays: the MONA

Happy Monday, and Happy Independence Day, America!

Since its museum Monday and Independence Day, I had a special visit to the Museum of Neon Art to see some great pieces of American neon and commercial history + a rather fitting outfit!

On Friday, to mark the beginning of the July 4th weekend, I decided to debut the brand new Renee dress in royal blue and head out to the Museum of Neon Art at their new, permanent location in Glendale, CA.


I paired my Renee dress with my white and red Cosette petticoats from Malco Modes for a surprise pop of patriotism, put on my royal blue headband from Doll Me Up, Inc, a pair of red flats and my trusty Kate Spade purse in red.


I had received my Renee dress a couple of days earlier. I absolutely love how the Renee looks on everyone, but I was self conscious because I had to bare some skin   Initially, I wasn’t comfortable at all. But since my man loved the dress so much, he convinced me to keep it. Honestly, I don’t think he’s ever loved a dress as much as he loved the Renee. Not that I need a mans approval, but this was the first time he paid so much attention to a day dress I got.

The dress is made from a beautiful cotton sateen, so it provides a luxurious look with a comfortable feel. There’s no need for a bra because there’s ample amount of padding. Depending on how you style the dress, it can completely fit the theme you’re going for. This was perfect as anIndependence Day Weekend kick off dress!


Ideally, I match my outfit to the theme of the museum or a specific artwork the museum carries. So since I’d rather be in a potato sack than a neon outfit, I thought my “All American” look would match the aura of the vintage American neon signs the museum carries.

The Museum of Neon Art was established in 1981 but since then has had multiple locations. Its current location, I believe, is permanent. It’s so exciting that Glendale finally has a museum of its own – with the exception of the Brand Library and Arts Center, there was a definite lack in the arts.


The museum is rather small, but they have done a wonderful job of preserving and displaying vintage neon signs. In addition to the vintage signs, MONA also exhibited the photographs of Instagram artists who, through social media, are preserving the historically significant neon signs all across the world. The wonderful docent at the museum told me they will also be featuring works by contemporary neon artists in order to show the history as well as the contemporary interpretations of neon art. This is fascinating to me – they not only preserve museum signs physically, but they do so digitally through the help of other artists and neon sign geeks.


During my visit, three employees were working on restoring two signs, both of which I immediate recognized. The first was the Lanz neon sign from the 1950s Beverly Hills store front, and the second was the 1958 Bowl sign from Holiday Bowl in Crenshaw. I was absolutely thrilled to see Lanz and Holiday Bowl being restored because they’re both such iconic signs!


In addition,  they had the 1928 Eagle Rock Public Library Sign, the Zodiac Room, Dale’s, and Papoo’s Hot Dog from 1949. Also in their collection but not yet on display is the one and only Brown Derby restaurant sign from the early 1930s. I’ll definitely be returning to see that legendary sign once it’s up! Fun fact: the Cobb Salad was invented at the Brown Derby!

Museum of Neon Art is definitely a gem. I asked about educational programming, [a girl can’t resist] and they did mention that they will be having workshops where you’ll learn how to create your own neon art. That is brilliant and I can’t wait to sign up!

So have a happy Fourth of July, everyone!


Outfit Details:
Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Petticoats: Malco Modes
Head Scarf: Doll Me Up, Inc
Shoes: Baldi Shoes
Purse: Kate Spade, NY



6 thoughts on “Museum Mondays: the MONA

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness, you just keep the hits on com in’, don’t you! This dress is gorgeous on you and I’m glad you decided to keep it! (Then again, literally everything you’ve ever worn has looked gorgeous on you <3!)

    Isn't it funny how your partner's opinion makes a big difference? I used to feel sort of conflicted about it, but now I think that if you're in a healthy, loving, supportive relationship, it's actually great to support each other and expand one another's self-confidence!

    In other news, this museum looks amazing! I wish this had been there when I still lived in LA…


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