I Dream of a Haunted Circus

So since my last post, the strangest things happened to me… my computer’s hard drive failed on me, which led me into a downwards spiral of stress and sadness. I lost so many important files, including childhood photos, undergraduate essays, among others.

Then, during a spontaneous trip to Disneyland, I had a sudden nerve pain even before I sat on a ride. I couldn’t sit or stand so now I’m constantly just trying to find the most comfortable position until I see a doctor.

I planned on writing a few posts but alas, I let my grief overcome me. Also, please ignore the bad quality photos this time around – I couldn’t stand and pose for too long. Regardless, here I am! Hi!

Pinup Girl Clothing came out with their new print peasant tops last week. I immediately ordered the pink and white striped because there was one specific outfit I wanted to try out. If you can’t tell yet, I love stripes! [3 out of my 4 blog posts so far feature stripes, I have a problem!]


As usual with Pinup Girl Clothing, I received my peasant top the next business day. Their customer service is simply amazing!

The stripes on this peasant top are so perfect, and they remind me of Jo Ann Callis’ artwork, Untitled. Her work is absolutely beautiful, and I particularly appreciate the way she frames her subjects, highlighting the surrealism and seductiveness of her subjects. I came across the following photograph by Callis while perusing LACMA’s artwork database. The print is surrounded by a pink and white striped fabric mat, very similar to Pinup Girl’s new peasant top.


Jo Ann Callis, Untitled, 1995. Photograph (LACMA)


I got home on Friday and I was overjoyed to see the FedEx package on my doorstep! I’m not even kidding – I did not waste a single second. I immediately put it on and paired it with my spiderweb jenny! I wanted to try juxtaposing the darkness of the spiderweb jenny with the softness of the pink and white stripes. I was inspired by the idea of the way vintage circuses are usually depicted in contemporary culture and art. Circuses are meant to be magical and happy, but the depiction of circuses reveal the darkness behind the scenes.


The shade of pink peasant top is drastically different than the bubblegum pink voodoo vixen top and the new run of the pink peasant top. This shade is pink is a bit like Crayola’s Tickle Me Pink, in my opinion. However, you’ll notice that in the photos of me wearing it outdoors, it looks drastically lighter because of the sunlight (these photos are unedited).


I ordered my usual size small, and I found it to be a little loose, especially in the waist. I should have probably waited to exchange it, but in my excitement I didn’t think about it. I guess if necessary, I can always alter it to fit my waist, although it’s not much of a problem.


I’m not used to mixing prints. I usually wear a single print, either as a skirt or a dress. Initially, I was unsure of the combination, but I was reassured by some lovely friends that it works.


And voila, my dream became a reality! I love the combination of the delicacy of the peasant top with the darkness of the spiderweb jenny. I also wore my soft pink Jennifer petticoat from Malco Modes for the extra poof!

I wore it out last Friday night to the wedding florist’s office and Ladies and Gents Night at Magnolia Park. But since my post-work hair was a mess and I was just so exhausted, I didn’t have the chance to take decent photos, but I did get this amazing photo in front of the florist’s bookshelf. It was organized by color and surrounded the entire space. Perfection! Even though I was not prepared at all, I just had to take advantage of the opportunity.


To be honest, there wasn’t a specific artwork or artist that inspired this outfit. It was a combination of vintage circus photos and paintings, Melvin Sokolovsky, Mary Ellen Park, and others. I stopped by Pinup Girl Boutique for Ladies and Gents Night, and Doris  Mayday even commented on how my outfit looked like a creepy circus. Outfit achievement: UNLOCKED!

For the photos, I added one of my favorite hair accessories, two skeleton hand hair clips I got from Halloween Town in Burbank. I also wore black heels that I got on sale from Sidecca. Sidecca carries great pinup style clothing and shoes for a decent price. I especially LOVE their shoe selection. As someone who orders online more frequently than I should, it’s great that I can try on all my favorite brands at Sidecca and just make purchases at the store.


So regardless of my exhaustion, laziness, and all other problems – my outfit ended up making me so happy. So happy, in fact, I recreated it to take decent pictures for this blog post!

So here’s to a brighter, more energetic future, more art, and more fashion!

[and one last pic because I love this so much 😉 ]


Outfit Details:
Peasant top, skirt, and belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes: Sidecca
Hair Clips: Halloween Town
Liquid Lipstick: Anastasia Bevery Hills Sarafine



2 thoughts on “I Dream of a Haunted Circus

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness, I hope you get in to see a doctor soon, and I am so sorry to hear about all that you’ve been going through <3. Hopefully you'll be able to get your files off of your computer.

    This outfit is really perfect — it looks fabulous on you (then again, EVERYTHING looks fabulous on you!) and I love the stripes-and-web combination!

    Sending you tons of (virtual) hugs!!


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