Candy Stripes Galore!


Yesterday was by far one of the hottest day in Los Angeles. As much as Angelenos like to brag about our clear skies and heat, sometimes it does get unbearable for us too. But just like every Angeleno, it was the perfect opportunity to go to the beach for a lovely relaxing afternoon.

So of course, my friend and I went to Redondo Beach to hang out and take some fun photos.


It was the perfect opportunity to debut my vintage 1940s candy striped playsuit I’ve had waiting for a hot day like this! I absolutely love candy stripes, and this has got to be one of my favorite color combinations. The combination of red, green, and ivory reminded me of two of Josef Albers’ paintings from his Homage to the Square series. 

The two paintings that immediately come to mind are Emeraude (1965) and 

Vintage beach wear is so beautiful, and if I had the money, I’d buy them all! The details are stunning and the cut is so flattering yet comfortable. It’s really difficult to match shades of red and green without making it look like a rejected Christmas outfit, and I really appreciated the way that these shades of red and green in the playsuit worked together. That’s also why I immediately thought of Joseph Albers’ Homage to the Square series and his intricate study of color theory.


Bottom line: I had to get this playsuit!

I paired the playsuit with soft green Chelsea Crew sandals and my white Ted Baker glasses I came across in a sale bin at Nordstrom Rack. I’m not a fan of hats, but I did take a floppy woven hat with me anyway – and I must say, it was a serious struggle. I guess this is something I’ll just try to get used to because I love how they look on everyone else.


I also wore my What Katie Did maitresse bullet bra. It’s one of my favorite and most comfortable bras I own. Because it’s so lightweight, it’s also breathable. The vintage cut of the bra is [of course] perfect for the cut of the crop top.

Now, confession time: I hate my arms and my back. I’ve always been self conscious of showing my arms and back. Even with crop tops, I’m always worried about that tiny part of my back showing. As you can see in the image about, my arms are scarred. Though you can’t see in these photos, I have a birthmark on my back. So when people would see my arms or back, they’d ask about it out of curiosity and proceed to give me “expert medical advice” or holistic ways to clear my skin. I only stopped caring once I began shopping at Pinup Girl Clothing. If Ani from two years traveled in time and saw current Ani in this playsuit, she’d be horrified. Not only did I wear a set with a cropped top, but I posed for a photo that shows the scars on my arm…and now I’m sharing it. That’s a pretty big deal for me.



Of course, no trip to Redondo beach would be complete without a stop at Old Tony’s for the best Mai Tai ever. Plus, you get to take home a free souvenir glass with every Mai Tai purchase. It’s almost like they’re giving you an incentive to drink, if getting drunk isn’t a good enough incentive.


Outfit details:

Playsuit: Birthday Life Vintage
Bra: What Katie Did
Shoes: Chelsea Crew from Modcloth
Hat: Francesca’s
Lipstick: Starlet Scarlett, Charlotte Olympia for MAC



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